“I wake up with a song in my heart everyday!”  LaDee Mack was born Dorothy Mae Hunter in Orrville, Alabama.  Her relationship with God flourished from the spiritual foundation cultivated by her late grandmother, Artelia Hunter.   By the age of 15, LaDee Mack served faithfully at The Greater St. Paul Baptist Church, sang on two albums recorded by her church, sang with the PW Waller Singers and  served as her church’s choir director.

As a young adult, LaDee Mack relocated to North Carolina and sang in backup choirs for Pastor Shirley Caesar and Evangelist Dorothy Norwood.   Within a few years, LaDee Mack reaped the bounty of her harvest as an active duty military spouse and mother.  The Lord blessed her with an international ministry platform and “Prophetess La’Dee Mack Ministries,” was born!  For over 18 years, she has ministered through song at empowerment conferences and workshops in Italy, Japan and throughout the United States.  No matter where duty calls, she continues to serve the Lord as her church’s praise and worship leader, lay minister, head of women’s ministry, and the gospel and youth choir director. LaDee Mack is an author, dynamic motivational speaker, singer, songwriter, and poet.  According to LaDee Mack, it is her gift and calling to heal the world one song at a time through His Word! LaDee Mack released her first album as Hunter De'Mae, however after the leading of the holy spirit; she was lead to use her name which she has been doing ministry under for years. LaDee Mack understands that there is no separation of the ministries inside of her given for God's glory.


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